Chiro+Energy Session

Our custom Chiro+Energy Sessions will help guide you to discover the amazing wellness potential within you. Each Chiro+Energy Session includes:

HM bed
Chiropractic Adjusting
091 20Vitality
Intuitive Energy Balancing
100 20Vitality
Lifestyle Coaching & all the TLC that makes Vitality unique

Child Chiro+Energy Session

Your child's Chiro+Energy sessions follow the same format. And the parent/guardian is always encouraged to be in the room to observe and be fully involved throughout their care with Vitality.

Pet Chiro+Energy Session

Did you know Dr. Mary can adjust and balance your pet? Animals, as well as people, can experience physical and mental stress. Working under the direction of Veterinarian Dr. Lloyd Emond, Vitality Chiro+Energy can help create and maintain optimal wellness in your pet, too!

Adjusting Instruments

Dr Mary utilizes two different non-invasive instruments to assist with your adjustments. The Activator, a handheld spring-loaded instrument that delivers a small, single pulse, and the Arthrostim, an electric, multiple pulse instrument. Their speed assists to reset you without resistance, allowing for a very gentle and precise adjustment as an alternative to manual adjusting.