Dr. Kent Sifford


"I was practicing chiropractic in Goshen, IN and treating numerous patients. I was an industrial consultant going into industries and teaching every movement and ergonomic consideration to prevent injury. I taught nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve health and prevent illness. I was practicing all of these health principals personally. Then suddenly over a few days a slight achy neck became sharp and severe. Added to this a headache appeared that was so intense I could barely work and could not sleep. I went to one of the top neck and spine researchers in the country and received MRI. I was told that I had 2 leaking discs at the base of my neck. This is a condition worse in severity than a disc bulge. I was in more pain than most any patient coming in to my clinic. I went to several chiropractors and the spine expert said I needed surgery. I was unwilling to do that so I started researching even the smallest variable that would heal a disc; nutrition, detoxification, mental emotional (spiritual), rehab/exercise and Cox flexion distraction. I learned every nuance of anything concerning the disc. Due to this experience, I am passionate to help anyone in this situation. It takes time, patience and education to escape this problem. I have no issues now and can do any activity I want to; kayaking, biking, snowboarding, hiking and more. I can help people out of this problem and even better; help someone know all variables to prevent it."

Lifestyle medicine doctor

Anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Weight loss.

How to create a less toxic home.

Industrial Consultant

30+ years of experience with jobsite analysis - we can help you make a jobsite that stops hurting you.

Ergonomic training to teach you all movements in sport, hobby & work to stop injury and irritation.

Nutritional Consultant

True Cellular Detoxification.

Sports & work rehabilitation.

Many hours of study concerning body-mind connection including, emotions, positive self-talk, balance in mind, heart and spiritual life.

Cox Flexion Distraction

30 years of experience in equipment and training to manage and resolve the most serious spinal disc injuries, disc bulge, rupture and herniation, can be managed and resolved, also preventing many from receiving surgery.

Many years of experience with pre & post-surgical patients restoring disc material.