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Got a good adjustment and good advice to help keep fit, as usual. Really enjoying working with Dr. Kent - his background in sports and occupational therapies has proven very valuable for me!

Jeff R.

Dr. Kent has done a great job bringing me back to normal operation, and has spent more than normal time working on my back. I am very thankful for his excellent knowledge in the Chiro field.

Dennis B.

Dr.Sifford is a very good Chiropractor and I feel much better after my treatments with him. He has some good suggestions for things I need to do in my everyday life so I feel better.

Ann T.

I really like the way Heather asked if you have any particular concerns or issues as she sets you up for the Hydro massage. She reports that to Dr. Kent, which gives him time to consider his approach to the session. There is constant communication from Dr. Kent, asking where you feel you need attention and whether you would like more or less pressure. And he actually listens to what you say. I consider my visits to be an important part of my self-care and am unhappy when I cannot make a session.

Lani O.

Very satisfying and helpful for giving my back and sore places relief. The hydro massage is always wonderful. Fastest 10 minutes I've ever experienced!

Grace R.

Very compassionate and caring. After just one visit pain went from an 8 to a 3. Would recommend to anyone.