Chiropractic Session

Our custom Chiropractic Sessions will help guide you to discover the amazing wellness potential within you. Each Chiropractic Session includes HydroMassage or heat/ice therapy, Chiropractic Adjusting and Lifestyle Coaching along with all the TLC that makes Vitality unique.

Child Chiropractic Session

Your child's Chiropractic sessions follow the same format. And the parent/guardian is always encouraged to be in the room to observe and be fully involved throughout their care with Vitality.

Adjusting Techniques

Non-Invasive Instrument Adjusting - The Activator, a handheld spring-loaded instrument that delivers a small, single pulse, and the Arthrostim, an electric, multiple pulse instrument. Their speed assists to reset you without resistance, allowing for a very gentle and precise adjustment as an alternative to manual adjusting.

Cox-Flexion Distraction - Invented by one of the top researchers and teachers of the spine and back. The spine protects every communication pathway to every cell in the body via the spinal cord and nerve system. The specialized table opens disc spaces, decreases disc pressures, and disperses toxic fluid chemicals out of the joint. The table also opens the joints in the spine around the nerve roots by 30% as proven in scientific research. This approach is most commonly used for the most serious disc injuries, bulges or ruptures.

Diversified Adjusting - The most common, traditional adjustment of the spine with the Doctor’s hands. It opens the joint and can produce the classic sound of a pop or click.

The adjustment methods chosen will be the best match your clinical findings and your desires.