The products available for purchase in our office are selected by Dr. Sifford, and what he personally uses. Are you curious about which products will help you the most? Just ask for a custom product consultation.

Nutritional support:

Pure Protein

Highest biological value protein recommended to mix with superfood

Pure Greens

Alkalizes, balances & nourishes the whole body

Pure Digestion

12 grams of soluble and insoluble organic fiber – clears colon, prevents cancer

Pure Omega

Relieves inflammation, decreases joint pain and supports positive mood & overall health


15 billion live bacteria supports digestive & immune health


Joint & disc repair, essential component to resolve serious disc injury and prevent arthritis


Connective tissue support to help resolve chronic joint and ligament injury

Phyto Multi

Multiple vitamin & phyto nutrients (whole food nutrition)

Phyto Multi Kids

Chewable multiple vitamin & phyto nutrients

Bone Builder

Enhanced bone support, full bone food with all components necessary for bone density and protection

Bone Builder Chewables

Enhanced bone support

Natural Calm

Restores healthy magnesium levels and promotes relaxation, improves colon clearing and calms/relaxes muscle tension

True Cellular Detox (TCD)

Web based educational program and nutritional support to detoxify even to the cellular level

Cold and Flu Support:

Zinc & C Lozenges

Supports the body’s natural defenses, zinc inhibits virus while vitamin C inhibits bacteria


Supports healthy immune response


Natural salt water sinus flush for nasal and sinus health

Home Care Support:

Neck Huggar Pillow

Contoured cervical support pillow to help restore normal cervical curve

Rock Tape

Promotes blood flow and increases circulation while supporting muscle and joint pain/injury


Advanced pain relief muscle gel

Ice/Heat gel pack

Flexible cold / heat therapy

Pull Up Bar

For home use to traction the spine and all upper extremity joints